August Was Chicago’s Deadliest Month in 20 Years

August Was Chicago’s Deadliest Month in 20 Years
August Was Chicago’s Deadliest Month in 20 Years

The Chicago murder rate is infamous. It has been talked about for years. Chicago’s murder rate has been used in a myriad of debates over things like gun laws and curbing gang violence. It’s even been used in the “Black Lives Matter” campaign, which seeks an end to police violence against blacks.

But as much as it gets talked about, Chicago’s murder rate sure seems to fly low under the radar. And it just continues to get worse every year. This August is turning out to be the bloodiest month that Chicago has seen in almost 20 years.

And while other racial groups are represented in these statistics, the vast majority of murders are black murderers and black victims—young, black men, killing young, black men. Maybe this year’s statistics will shake things loose a little bit.

Maybe people will decide to try and do something about it. Maybe all the energy and resources that are expended on raising awareness of police violence against blacks might be better directed at putting an end to the devastating black-on-black violence in Chicago. Black lives do matter. All of them.

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