Benghazi, The Victims, And Hillary Clinton… Who Is Telling The Truth?

Benghazi, The Victims, And Hillary Clinton... Who Is Telling The Truth?
Benghazi, The Victims, And Hillary Clinton... Who Is Telling The Truth?

Hillary Clinton was confronted with her conflicting stories about the reasons for the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya, and answered by throwing the victims’ families under the bus. She suggested they lied because she never told them about the attack being caused by an offensive video. Perhaps they got caught up in “the fog of war.”

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Clinton said, everyone was emotionally distraught. She said some families didn’t know their sons were working for the CIA or were in Benghazi. Clinton said the information she had about the attack was from the intelligence community.

It was later known that the Benghazi attack was planned and not a protest but that she told family members of the deceased that the attack was the result of a demonstration.

“Somebody is lying,” said McLaughlin.”Who is it?

Clinton replied, “Not me, that’s all I can tell you.”

She made multiple statements blaming the video and “inflammatory material on the internet” for the attacks. That’s not to mention all of the White House spokespersons who were trotted out on every cable news show in the world repeating that claim. The families of several of those lost at Benghazi have come forward and said that Clinton spoke with them personally and blamed it all on the video. So who is the one who is lying?

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