Bye, Bye, Blackberry


It was with a Blackberry and its tiny, little keyboard that most pre-millennials and millennials became addicted to cell phones—ergo the name, “crackberry.” But Blackberry, which from the beginning ran on a proprietary Blackberry operating system that was more secure than other phones, was eclipsed some years later by various other phones using the Android system, and by Apple’s iOS. As smartphone hardware and software became more sophisticated, the public demanded more and more features and capabilities. So, in the face of a lack of interest and perpetually ailing sales, Blackberry announced Wednesday that it will stop building its version of the smartphone. That’s not to say that there won’t still be devices manufactured with the Blackberry name. But those will be outsourced to Indonesia. The Blackberry CEO has said the company will redirect its energies toward software development. Perhaps the Blackberrys of the future will be some sort of killer app we can install on any platform.



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