Confusion Over When To Riot or Not

Confusion Over When To Riot or Not
Confusion Over When To Riot or Not

If there were going to be any angry and violent protests about white cops shooting black men, it should have happened in Tulsa, Ok last week when a white cop shot an unarmed black man. But it didn’t. Then, a few days later in Charlotte, NC, a black man who was allegedly carrying a gun was shot by a black police officer. Protests in Tulsa were relatively minor compared to protests and violence in Charlotte. In fact, it got so bad that the governor had to call out the National Guard. So, why would a black-on-black shooting incite riots in Charlotte while a white on-black shooting in Tulsa did not? With racism front-and-center in the media pretty much since the riots in Ferguson, a lot of Americans have really been trying to understand what this is all about. But it’s hard to really get hold of the problem when the African-American community doesn’t seem clear on it themselves. Is all this anger directed at police officers who shoot black Americans? Then why no riots in Tulsa? Or, if this is just about race primarily, why riot over a black-on-black shooting like the one in Charlotte? Or, if this is about the unfathomable number of black men being murdered in each week in America, why not protest in Chicago, which is the epicenter of black-on-black violence? It’s hard to understand and solve a problem when it’s not clearly defined. Would it be too much to ask for more clarity on when to expect rioting or otherwise?



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