Feds Cover-Up The Beef Industry’s Biggest Secret


Most Americans eat beef or pork in one form or another.  Wouldn’t you like to know where the beef was raised, slaughtered, and processed? Believe it on not, Congress recently repealed a law that required retailers to include the animal’s country of origin on packages of red meat and pork. Needless to say, the meat industry is very pleased over the action by Congress. It opens the door for retailers to buy their meat from foreign countries where standards may not be as good as in the United States. Producers say removing the labeling requirement allows them to be more competitive and to buy low priced meats from sources outside the US to make a larger more profit.

Just as consumers are asking for more information on labels about the food they are buying and feeding their families, our Congress repealed the law doing away with the requirement to provide Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) information on meat labels.

The Associated Press reported that Lawmakers said they had no choice but to get rid of the labels after the World Trade Organization repeatedly ruled against them. The WTO recently authorized Canada and Mexico, which had challenged the law, to begin more than $1 billion in economic retaliation against the United States.”

The Associated Press also reported that Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union, which has heavy membership affected states, said the group was “furious” about the repeal. “Packers will be able to once again deliberately deceive consumers,” Johnson said.

On a side note, China plans to clone up to a  million cows per year in the near future. Imagine the outrage when American consumers suspect they may be eating cloned beef from China.



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