Fitbit Devices Fail in Weight Loss Study

Fitbit Devices Fail in Weight Loss Study
Fitbit Devices Fail in Weight Loss Study

Fitness trackers are to today what sweatbands were to the 80s—a fitness fashion accessory. It’s definitely high on the cuteness factor scale. And there’s no denying that it’s fun to track your steps, track your sleep, track your heart rate. Unfortunately, while fitness trackers can help you achieve some of your fitness goals, weight loss is not one of them. According to a new study, participants either used a fitness tracker or an online website to track their progress. After two years, those who used only the website lost approximately five pounds more than their counterparts who used a fitness tracker. But, alas, for those who have already invested in a Fitbit or similar, experts say that if they help get you moving, that will make a contribution to your body weight and overall fitness which is all positive.



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