Fox News’ Trying To Settle Its Girl Troubles

Fox News’ trying to settle its girl troubles
Fox News’ trying to settle its girl troubles

Fox News this week is having to pay the piper for the sins of its founder and former chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes. Not only did Fox settle with news anchor Gretchen Carlson for the tidy sum of $20 million, even more monumentally they issued her an apology for being sexually harassed by Ailes for years. And apparently, Carlson’s suit is only one of several lawsuits filed against Fox seeking restitution for Ailes’ bad behavior. To add insult to injury, Greta VanSustern, a Fox anchor since 2002, is leaving this week over what Fox said was a “financial disagreement.” Careful Fox, Megyn Kelly may be next. If that happens, you can just go ahead and hang up your news hat.



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