Grandparent Scam: Are You the Next Target?

Grandparent Scam: Are You the Next Target?
Grandparent Scam: Are You the Next Target?

Almost 40% of all fraud victims are over the age of 60. Advances in technology over the years can be blamed in part, since this generation grew up with every telephone call being made for a reason, and not just to gab. Today, that information coupled with love of family is making it easy for scammers to target grandparents on a personal level.

Grandchildren Need Help

What grandparent can resist the cries of their grandchildren in distress? Not many, but you may need to start. This scam involves younger children calling “grandparents,” asking for help in the form of cash.

How do they know you have grandchildren? Facebook, Instagram, and any number of other social media outlets where you may have mentioned the little darlings or even posted pictures of them. And that’s just one method. Everything is for sale online, including your personal data.

How to Avoid the Scam

Decide on a secret word between you and your grandchildren. If they ever need help, they can call you and mention the word during the conversation. This works two ways. A scammer won’t know the secret word and if your grandchildren ever need to call for help without making it known to anyone around them, they can just mention the word without raising any alarms but yours.

Usually, the child will ask that you don’t tell anyone else about it and just wire the money to an account. Instead, you can tell them you will call right back with the information and call your actual grandchild to check in. If they happen to give you a phone number or location (doubtful), be sure to report it to the police immediately in order to help someone avoid being caught up in this scam.



  1. for all scammers ..they should get the death sentence that would stop a lot of them but not all. they are ruining people s lives

  2. even better is the IRS scam ,where someone calls you claiming to be the irs and that you owe 50,0000.00 for tax fraud , I love these as anyone knows the irs will not call you, it is always a letter first then phone communication innitiated by you, this woman was so mad she said I was going to be arrested right now!!! ,I said great I will put the coffee on lol, the other was a scam like the grandparents scam ,onthe the funny part was that they were calling about my son ,tat he was hurt in mexico , he was sitting in the room with me when I got the call and ii started laughing ,and the woman said you think that is funny ? I said sure how can my son be in 2 places at once ???

  3. We did hear of this “Grandparents” scam, and thought to report what happened to one of us. My husband and I had been at a Casino, and I purposely left my Bank Debit Card at home. Wouldn’t you know, almost immediately…when we walked in, the telephone rang with the ID of the Bank that we use. I picked up, and the called immediately was asking me all of the questions that I know are on file at the bank, and wanted to know where I used my card last. Something made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I just hung up. I looked at the back of my Bank Card, and called the 800 number. They agreed that it indeed was a scam. So…that is what people should know – do not trust that the called ID is showing the legit place. I figured out, these brazen scammers know how to patch the call to appear as the place of business.

  4. First scammer came two years ago my sisters son got pick up for drugs overseas I told them to call her she had the money to help him.
    Second call my Husband got it,our grandson Kurtis was pick up driving drunk and needed bail money. I came happen to home my husband was in distress being stick didn’t help.. I called our local news to report the problem. Was not going to fall in that trap.


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