Hillary Suffering From a Terrible Case of Email Amnesia

Hillary suffering from a terrible case of email amnesia
Hillary suffering from a terrible case of email amnesia

Given her age and pre-existing health conditions, there have been many questions leveled lately at democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton about whether she’s healthy enough for a four-year presidency. But it’s becoming clearer every day that the pre-existing condition that most threatens her candidacy is a severe case of email amnesia.  While this type of amnesia is normally fatal to most political careers, Clinton may prove to be immune to its effects. In a report released on Friday by the FBI, there were details of a three-hour interview with Clinton conducted on July 2, 2016. In that interview, Clinton said more than 30 times—in three hours—that she “did not recall” events or details about her private email server during her time as secretary of state. The FBI is obviously suffering from a bad case of ignore-itus. They did not recommend criminal charges.

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