IRS Commissioner Impeachment Up in the Air

IRS Commissioner Impeachment Up in the Air
IRS Commissioner Impeachment Up in the Air

In the IRS scandal of 2014, everybody knew at the time that the IRS was guilty of systematically trying to prevent conservative groups from obtaining tax-exempt status. There was no official smoking gun, but there was enough spent ammunition for a six-year-old to figure it out. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who replaced Lois Lerner after she took a permanent vacation, was back in the hot seat this week to testify in his impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. In a nutshell, he lied in 2014 when he said no emails had been destroyed, but he said he didn’t know it was a lie until later. The questions all related to what happened to all of Lerner’s emails and that pesky disappearing hard drive. Unfortunately, with the election right around the corner and political correctness filling the airwaves, it’s likely he won’t get the votes to be impeached. That’s just wrong.



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