ISIS Magazine Orders Knife Attacks Against Civilians

ISIS Magazine Orders Knife Attacks Against Civilians
ISIS Magazine Orders Knife Attacks Against Civilians

ISIS is now recommending that its “Lone Wolves” carry out terror campaigns with a knife–attacking innocent civilians, including women and children. ISIS is spreading its hate-filled plans in the popular online propaganda magazine Rumiyah, where they try to help their followers deal with the fear of killing victims with a knife.

According to PJMedia, ISIS calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, [and] quiet neighborhoods. Magazine issues are distributed over social media and emphasize that the attacker does not have to be an expert to cause havoc and terror with a knife. Their recommendations go into great detail about the benefits of knives in their terror campaign as they are easy to get and easy to dispose of afterwards. Members are advised to avoid kitchen knives or poorly manufactured knives that might result in harm to the attacker.

ISIS also tells readers that promoting knife attacks is only the beginning of a new jihad focus where ways to counter the discomfort of attacking a victim with a knife can be justified and guilt-free.

We expect to soon see President Obama establishing “knife-free zones” in order to dissuade ISIS from carrying out this strategy in America. If you see anyone with a knife, please report it to your homeowner’s association.

In all seriousness, stay vigilant my friends. This stuff is no joke.