Many Schools Cancelling Classes on Election Day

Many Schools Cancelling Classes on Election Day
Many Schools Cancelling Classes on Election Day

No one knows how either side will react if the election outcome is not in their favor. There could be violence from disgruntled voters thinking the outcome was somehow rigged, or violence from those who thought their candidate was a sure thing. This is by far the ugliest presidential campaign in recent history.

According to a USA Today story today, A divided nation believes the ugly rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign could actually turn into election-day violence, according to a poll released Thursday.

Over 50% of likely voters expressed at least some concern in the poll about the possibility of violence, while one in five were “very concerned.”

As a result of the concerns raised by parents and the public, many schools around the nation say they will cancel classes on November 8 according to Fox News and USA Today. School districts in Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have decided to cancel class on voting day, in part because many polling sites are set up at schools.

More than four in ten of Trump supporters surveyed said they won’t recognize the legitimacy of Clinton as president if she wins on November 8.



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