Melania’s Money and How You Can Get Some

Melania’s Money and How You Can Get Some
Melania’s Money and How You Can Get Some

Let’s talk about the elephant on the room: Melania’s money. Yes, she did get some of it by posing nude, but that isn’t what should stand out to most Americans. This is especially true because although the First Lady did have a moderately successful modeling career, her nude pose is just a small part of it. More importantly, she relied on something that many Americans overlook… their existing assets.

The First Lady is no stranger to hard work. Her parents both worked and sometimes had to go to extremes to maintain their income. But, the majority of Melania’s existing funds are no doubt the result of her marriage, which leads many Americans to question if that is the reason she married Donald Trump.

And if it is?

So what. Historically speaking, marriage has always been somewhat of a business contract… sometimes making and breaking entire families.

No matter how you look at it, Melania’s money comes from her ability to rely on her own assets. She went from being a moderately successful legal immigrant to being the most important woman in America. And we want to show you how you can grab a piece of that success. The world is changing, and if you aren’t changing your financial habits with it, you’re going to lose out. If you want a piece of the pie or to multiply your existing piece,

Cash for Patriots

Did you know that there is cash available for up to 244 million American patriots? You could add almost $7,000 a month to your existing income, based on some changes President Trump made to the financial world. With the recent slumps in the stock market, now is the time to get your patriot check coming. Are YOU a patriot? If so, click HERE to learn more about the checks you should be getting.

Reinvent Yourself

The days of relying on a single income from a 9-5 job are all but over. Now, it’s all about side ventures. Ready to reinvent yourself over the weekend? How about making $2,000 this weekend? That’s not a bad deal at all, and all you need is the information to tell you how. Thankfully, there is a free book waiting to tell you how to do just that! Get yours today, by going HERE.

Updating Existing Finances

We all develop financial habits before we realize it. That’s great when our habits are working and the economy is stable, but when there are huge shifts like there are right now, it’s time to do some shifting of your own.

Whether you want to get more out of social security, make 12 times the interest your making on your savings now, or get in on gold dividends, first you need to see how to do it. Maximize your earnings now, with a bit of inside info you can get by going HERE.

Go Green

There is no way you can live in the United States and not see the wave of economic growth born in the legalization of medical marijuana. Maybe you use it, maybe you don’t, but you shouldn’t miss out on the financial benefits either way. Pot stocks are fairly new, which means it’s the perfect time to get on board. And all the information you need is right here, in this Stock Blueprint.

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