Most Controversial Senatorial Candidate

Most Controversial Senatorial Candidate
Most Controversial Senatorial Candidate

This week, Caitlyn Jenner announced a potential run on the Republican ticket for a senatorial seat in California. Jenner isn’t the only celebrity looking to break into politics, and certainly isn’t the only one who has been elected in California. And, since Trump already set the stage for a reality TV star to be in politics, the only new element is the transgender element.

Jenner transitioned from Bruce, an Olympic athlete, husband, and reality TV star to Caitlyn in 2015. Already comfortable in the public eye, the transition allowed for the perfect opportunity to speak out on LGBTQ rights. A supporter of President Trump, Jenner’s stance on his gender bathroom policy has been the only glaring issue between them.

California is one of the most progressive states in the Union, if not THE most progressive. Electing a representative who has transitioned from one sex to the other may not be as controversial there as it would be in other states. However, Jenner’s support of Trump, who lost California by over 4 million votes, may be the biggest roadblock.

Jenner has declared a desire to make the Republican party a “party of equality,” but is unsure of whether efforts would be more effective from within the senate or on the outside. Conservative republican support is questionable because of Jenner’s personal choices. Those who are already looking sideways at Trump aren’t likely to welcome Jenner with open arms.

What are your thoughts? Does the transgender element sway your opinion on leaders in government or is it the policies and integrity of the political candidate that matter? For many traditional conservative Christian republicans, it may be too much to accept.



  1. Heaven help the USA….being homosexual is one thing …being transgender is another. He/she is the epitome of pretension. Besides being nuts!

  2. I agree with gag. Jenner would probably be just another RINO like John McCain, Jeff Flake and a few others. However, there are a lot of homosexuals and just plain stupid people, probably “liberals” who just might vote for it -him? – her? Whatever.


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