New Amazon Drivers are Freaking People…

New Amazon Drivers are Freaking People...
New Amazon Drivers are Freaking People...

With the recent advent and popularity of Uber drivers, Amazon has figured out that it could use “Flex Drivers” on an as-needed basis to deliver packages to residential neighborhoods. The company does not want to have to depend on U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

But there’s a problem! Let’s say you’re home in the middle of the day and a strange, non-uniformed guy or gal in an unmarked vehicle shows up at your home, and knocks at your door with a package in his or her hand. Would you be apprehensive? We were. After a few repeat occurrences by these suspicious people, some of whom don’t even bother to identify themselves, you might get used to the idea. But in the beginning, it might freak you out to the point of not even answering the door.

However, If the package is left behind, you might put two and two together and realize it was a package you were expecting. Either way, it’s an idea we have to get used to. If you think Flex Drivers are a freaky idea, consider that Amazon is experimenting with package delivery by Drone. Now that’s truly a freaky idea!



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