New Statin Drug Fears – Consumer Reports

New Statin Drug Fears - Consumer Reports
New Statin Drug Fears - Consumer Reports

If you are taking a statin drug to control your cholesterol, you should be aware of the risks. Popular statin drugs include Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor and their respective generic versions. Consumer Reports says that recent studies has shown statin drugs to be linked to a risk of type 2 diabetes. Consumer Reports also says that the protective benefits outweigh the risks of diabetes.

“All we can say,” says Ishak Mansi, M.D., an internist at the Veteran’s Hospital in North Texas and co-author of the study, “[is] that in the healthy population selected … the risk of diabetes after prolonged followup was higher than expected.”

Nevertheless, if you take statin drugs, you might research alternative measures, including lifestyle changes to reduce your dependency. Discuss these with you doctor before making any changes on your own.

Consumer Reports is also taking consumer feedback from respondents who are also on statin drugs and have developed diabetes as well. You can read more here >>