North Korea Aims Nuclear Weapons at U.S.

North Korea Aims Nuclear Weapons at US

On Sunday, North Korean leader, Kim Jong, celebrated the success of extending the reach of a missile, which he claims can carry a nuclear warhead… one that has the end goal of reaching the U.S. mainland.

The Hwasong-12 reportedly made it 490 miles, reaching an altitude of 1,310 miles, the longest range a North Korean medium long-range ballistic missile has made it to date. Jong claims that the missile was exposed to the worst re-entry situation possible and was still able to verify the homing feature as well as detonation features. The missile is reported to have landed in the Sea of Japan.

Should President Trump be concerned that North Korea might be provoked into starting a nuclear war with the U.S.? If anything, it’s more likely that the new liberal government of South Korea should be concerned, considering that the test came just days after the new South Korean officials were in place.

Jong might have his nuclear sights set on the U.S., and he may not be bluffing about the success of the test on Sunday, but distance is just one factor. The missile would have to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead small enough to make an even longer distance possible — a nuclear warhead that North Korea simply doesn’t have yet.

At this point, Jong’s tests are more annoying than anything, as they are meant to get the attention of President Trump. And while nuclear war wouldn’t be good for anyone, no matter where the warheads landed, Jong’s efforts and pompous attitude are starting to look more and more like a little kid with a very big rock, trying to land it across a lake while just barely crossing the shoreline.

The scariest part of it all is that Kim Jong seems to take himself more seriously than anyone else does, a clear indication that he won’t stop until he gets the reaction he is after.



  1. Remember our rocket program in the 50’s were short and prone to failure….and we had Werner Von Braun and the cream of his German team working on it till they finally got it right…We should take serious heed to what is going on over there…

  2. It is time to declare checkmate president trump. Enough of these threats, time has come, big stick mr trump!!!!!

  3. N Korea does this to get $ from the US…works every time no matter who is president. We panic and “talk” to Kim and he promises to not hurt us if we give him 2 billion$ etc.
    Perhaps Trump is smarter than we think and will break this habit.

  4. We need to nuke this Fat Bas…d now..get rid of him before he attacks us..his followers go with him too bad..

  5. This guy is full of s__t he is just stalling for time until he can make a weapon that can reach us Mr trump should call his bluff


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