North Korea Launches 10 Missiles

North Korea Launches 10 Missiles
North Korea Launches 10 Missiles

North Korean leader, Kim Jong, has had a busy year so far. This weekend marked the 10th detected missile the North Koreans have launched in an effort to reach the United States mainland.

Pukguksong-2 was launched on Sunday, and was called a “success.” Kim Jong has approved the missile for deployment in military action. Jong has ignored the UN sanction for North Korea to stop the testing and show more of a commitment to nuclear disarming. In fact, the North Korean leader insists that more tests will be conducted in an effort to develop a missile capable of carrying a nuclear device to the US mainland.

Though this most recent test is viewed by North Korea as a success, it didn’t quite make the range of the last missile Jong had tested, topping out at just 350 miles.

Today, the UN Security Council meets at the request of the United States, Japan, and South Korea to discuss North Korea and their continued efforts to develop missiles and nuclear weapons that could reach the United States. So far, North Korean missiles have been capable of reaching US bases, but not the mainland.

Whether or not the North Koreans will ever be able to get a missile or nuclear weapon to the mainland of the US may be a moot point. The US Thaad system, designed for missile defense, is in place and operational in South Korea. However, it has yet to be used on any of the missiles the North Koreans have tested.



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