NPR Should Stick To Nature Programming

NPR should stick to nature programming
NPR should stick to nature programming

This week, NPR published a story under the headline “A Resurgence of ‘Redneck’ Pride, Marked by Race, Class, and Trump.” In this story, they “accidentally” use the phrase, “Trumpenproletariat,” when comparing Trump supporters to the Marxist “lumpenproletariat” or “riff raff.” The rest of the article is just as incendiary, characterizing Trump supporters as the New York Daily News calls them, “bigots, bumpkins, and rednecks.” Oddly enough, they do this while simultaneously linking to a Gallup study about how these characterizations are not true. Brilliant, NPR. You know, it is often said you should “stick to what you know.” NPR sure knows how to make nature programs.

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