Obama: The Reason I Avoid the Words ‘Islamic Terrorists’ Is…

Obama: The Reason I Avoid the Words 'Islamic terrorists' Is...
Obama: The Reason I Avoid the Words 'Islamic terrorists' Is...

Most Americans already know that President Barack Obama is allergic to the words, “Islamic terrorist”; he’s been avoiding them for years. Last week at a CNN town hall meeting focused on and surrounded by members of the military, Obama was questioned by a Gold Star Mom (an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter serving in the military) about why he refused to use the term “Islamic terrorist.” He started his six-minute answer by saying, “this issue is sort of manufactured.” The gist of the entire six minutes was that he didn’t use the phrase because he didn’t want to offend peaceful Muslims and make them feel like they’re being accused of terrorism. Seriously? Mr. President, you’re the Harvard Law School graduate. So what is one of the elements necessary to convict someone of murder in America? Motive. And what is the motive of Islamic terrorists, most of whom use the hallmark phrase, “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) when carrying out their acts of barbarism and terror? Their motive is their religion; a religion in which followers are commanded by their holy scripture to kill idolaters (non-Muslims). Mr. President, it’s time to just call a spade a spade.



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