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Melania’s Money and How You Can Get Some
Let’s talk about the elephant on the room: Melania’s money. Yes, she did get some of it by posing nude, but that isn’t what should stand out to most Americans. This is especially true because although the First Lady did have a moderately successful modeling career, her nude pose...
Bumpstocks: Who Stopped Selling Them?
Bump stocks for guns: depending on who you ask, they’re either all the rage or the spawn of Satan himself. The truth about these modification devices is that they are rarely used by serious shooters because they impair accuracy – but does that mean they should be banned altogether?...


Weird Life Found in Earth's Driest Soil
Scientists have discovered unique microbes living deep in the dry, arid soil of the Atacama Desert, giving us an intimate glimpse into how life may have once thrived on Mars. While the microbes in question are, in fact, Earthlings by designation, the environment in which they evolve and develop...


Trump's New Solar Tariff Confuses Democrats/Liberals
Ah, the sun...lovely. Warm. Powerful. And, more importantly, and almost endless source of “fuel” for the burgeoning renewable energy industry throughout our country. Companies who enter the solar sphere are well set up to make big bucks if they go about it the right way, but up until now,...

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NRA Secrets Revealed
Tragic shooting events that played out in 2018 are driving debate on how to approach safety in schools. Unfortunately, one of the primary arguments we’re seeing is the argument for more restrictions (or even a ban) on guns. Specifically, lobbyists and activists are coming after the National Rifle Association...


Trump to Declare Health Emergency with No Funds
President Trump is getting on board with industry experts who claim America is experiencing an opiate crisis. Over the last 10 years, prescription pills and illicit street-level opiates like carfentanil have claimed the lives of millions of Americans across every sector of society and location. The high availability of...