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5 Reasons to Get Excited About the GOP Tax Plan
President Donald J. Trump fully approves of a new tax reform plan released by the Republican Party. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the most sweeping plan for change the party has released in recent years, and it stands to have beneficial impacts on a significantly high number...
Senator Resigns Amidst Sexual Harassment Accusations
State Senator, Ira Silverstein, is leaving the Senate Democratic Leadership team after accusations of sexual harassment in the wake of a massive national scandal spurred on by Harvey Weinstein. Senate President, John Cullerton, officially announced the resignation on Wednesday, just one short day after activist Denise Rotheimer released damning...


University of Michigan Hires Police Officer to Keep Students PC
The University of Michigan recently announced a plan to hire a new “‘Bias Incident Prevention and Response Coordinator.” The individual who fulfills the role will be responsible for monitoring, reporting and responding to “issues of bias,” including racism, cultural appropriation, and other on-campus social justice initiatives. The decision, which...


Bitcoin Breaks Financial Records
Cryptocurrencies are back in the headlines again this week after news that Bitcoin values are soaring. Bitcoin values first began to rise several months ago, and have continued to do so, largely unfettered. As of Friday, November 3, the cryptocurrency had blown past $7,000 per coin, surprising even experts...

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Top 10 Guns For Home Defense
With violent crime, home invasions and terrorism a constant threat to every citizen’s safety, home defense has never been more important. In a critical situation, there may be no time to wait for law enforcement to come to your aid. That’s why you need to be prepared to defend...


Trump to Declare Health Emergency with No Funds
President Trump is getting on board with industry experts who claim America is experiencing an opiate crisis. Over the last 10 years, prescription pills and illicit street-level opiates like carfentanil have claimed the lives of millions of Americans across every sector of society and location. The high availability of...