Pittsburgh Robo-Cabs All Fired Up

Pittsburgh Robo-Cabs All Fired Up
Pittsburgh Robo-Cabs All Fired Up

Face it. We’re fascinated by robots. Or at least we are in a theoretical, Ray Bradbury kind of way. We’re just not sure yet that we want them in our homes. Or our garages. Last week, Uber launched a pilot program in Pittsburgh to offer Uber’s most loyal customers the chance to hail a robo-cab. Seriously? And they consider this some kind of bonus? That’s a little like being offered “the opportunity” to jump into a trash compactor. C’mon, guys. We still have trouble handing over the sweeping duties to a Roomba. What on earth would make us want to get in a car with no visible driver? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Uber customers survive.



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