President Obama Defends Actions Against Terrorist Attacks

President Obama spoke at the National Counterterrorism Center on Thursday after meeting with his counterterrorism team, saying there was not now any “specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland.

Mr. Obama said he now realizes that he was slow to respond to public fears after terrorist attacks in Paris and California, acknowledging that his low-key approach led Americans to worry that he was not doing enough to keep the country safe.

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The president told reporters that redeploying troops back into the Middle East could result in the deaths of hundreds of American military personnel every month. He also believes that a renewed commitment could take up to $10 billion a month and estimated leaving as many as 500 troops wounded every month in addition to those killed. The president stated he did not think is commensurate to any current threat.

He told the columnists that he envisioned sending significant ground forces to the Middle East only in the case of a catastrophic terrorist attack that disrupted the normal functioning of the United States.

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