President Trump Facing Criminal Charges?

President Trump Facing Criminal Charges?
President Trump Facing Criminal Charges?

New information in the Trump investigation highlights that Justice Department special counsel, Robert Mueller, is investigating the POTUS for obstruction of justice. The Washington Post reported the details on the evening of June 14, including important information that could predict exactly how the future investigation unfolds.

To ascertain the truth, Mueller will specifically interview three key parties that may hold knowledge of Trump’s innocence or guilt:

  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats
  • National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers
  • Retired Deputy NSA Director Richard Ledgett

Mueller also indicated that he planned to interview an additional two individuals associated with the Trump administration, though it wasn’t immediately clear exactly who these individuals were.

Many intelligence experts believe that the interviews indicate an extension of the original investigation into Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, and whether Russia interfered with the 2016 election at all in the first place.

The NSA immediately released a public statement stating that they would fully cooperate with the investigation, though not everyone associated was quite so keen. A representative for Trump’s legal counsel, Mark Corallo, called the investigation, “inexcusable and illegal.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who originally wrote a letter recommending that FBI Director Jim Comey be fired, refused to comment on the matter when probed. He did indicate a belief that it may not be the firing Mueller is investigating, but the process leading up to the firing itself.

Jim Comey, who was interviewed by the Special Counsel in a nationally televised event, has made claims that Trump attempted to convince him to end a previous investigation that focused on prior security adviser Michael Flynn. Despite these claims, Comey makes it clear throughout his recent interview that only the Special Counsel can decide whether the request was obstruction.

Whether or not Trump obstructed the investigation or colluded with Russia remains entirely unproven. The Special Counsel has yet to make a statement or announcement outlining their beliefs, and continues to investigate.



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