Presidential Fact-Checkers Distorting The Facts

Presidential Fact-Checkers Distorting The Facts
Presidential Fact-Checkers Distorting The Facts

The buzzword for the first debate between presidential candidates Clinton and Trump was definitely “fact-check.” There was so much fact-checking going on, it’s hard to believe there was time for any actual debating. And there’s certainly no shortage of fact checkers right now. During the debate, Clinton was pedaling her own fact-checking feature of her website. If you didn’t use Hillary’s site, you could visit one of the news sites performing fact-checking.

You would think facts are facts, but it’s not that simple when the truth is easily distorted to suit the publisher.

Then there’s real-time social media further peddling facts that once again, support the publisher of the facts. Just know that most fact pushers and fact checkers tend to lean in the philosophical direction of the publisher—CNN, NBC, CBS and others to the left, Fox News to the right, and our Facebook friends… that’s anyone’s guess. With the possible exception of few sites like, you will likely get tweaked versions of “the facts” from everyone else.



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