Reminding The Iranian Bullies Who They’re Messing With

Reminding the Iranian bullies who they’re messing with
Reminding the Iranian bullies who they’re messing with

Like a bunch of grade-school bullies who want to show how tough they are, Iran keeps trying to get a rise out of the United States by “teasing” American military vessels on the high seas. On Sunday, they used fast attack boats to pester the USS Firebolt and its crew of 30 on board. These stunts aren’t new. There were 23 last year. But the incidences are increasing. So far, with five months left in the year, there have already been 31 of these encounters. The only thing officials ever seem to say about these provocations is that they are “unsafe and unprofessional.” And, while I’m sure saying this to Iran injures them deeply, I’m going to suggest instead we try reminding them of who they’re trying to bully. Next time we fire warning shots, we miss.



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