The Un-Presidential Debate

The Un-Presidential Debate
The Un-Presidential Debate

Hillary fans think Hillary Clinton was the winner of Monday night’s presidential debate. Trump fans think Donald Trump was. Things definitely got heated, hostile, and included a lot of finger-pointing. All in all, in terms of content, it may have been a draw. But we all know it’s not just about content. It’s also about appearances. Who looked more presidential? Clinton, of course. She was measured, mostly to-the-point, and, with some effort, managed to keep Trump from getting under her skin too much. She looked ridiculously smug most of the time, with a smile that was pure emoticon and some slow-mo eye-blinking thing that was really annoying. Trump was not nearly as eloquent as Clinton, but we already knew that. She’s had more than 30 years of practice at trying to be and actually being a politician. Trump hasn’t, and it showed. He talked about himself too much. He interrupted and he was clearly agitated at times. His body language was all over the board. So, who to choose based on debate number one…the smooth politician or the brash, overly-opinionated billionaire? The polls suggest that Americans are looking for a president who’s maybe not so sickeningly smooth—someone outside the beltway full of slick politicians. If enough people can overlook Trump’s issues and demeanor, and believe that he can initiate needed changes in the system, he may just fit the bill. He could be the anti establishment leader who will stir the pot and get things done with the support of republican majorities in the House and Senate.



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