Top Secret Info Trump REALLY Shared with the Russians

Top Secret Info Trump REALLY Shared with the Russians

American politics are in chaos once more, after more “faux news” spun a recent event out of control… again. Trump’s decision to release sensitive information about the fight against ISIS is causing a divide that’s widening by the minute, and much like any other piece of “Trumped-up” news, a good third of what’s being said is patently false. So what exactly DID happen, and what exactly DID Trump release?

As with nearly anything related to Trump, the truth is significantly different from what you’ve been seeing online and on television. Here’s what Trump REALLY shared with the Russians, and why he did it.

Trump isn’t mincing words when it comes to admitting that he released information to Russia; in fact, he’s staunchly proud and defensive of the move. In an interview on Tuesday, he highlighted exactly why he believes he made the right choice.

“As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety,” the POTUS tweeted.

President Trump also shared his reasoning, citing “Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.”

What was really shared by Trump in his meeting with Russian senior officials was intelligence reports, possibly including location information or the names of ISIS targets. His goal was to encourage Russia to get more deeply involved in the fight against ISIS. With the right information at hand, Russia could very well be a powerful ally and could even turn the tide for the U.S. government.

So what exactly is the problem here?

The reason so many people have concerns about the POTUS exercising his right to release classified information has less to do with the release and more to do with where the information is coming from and going to.

U.S. government intelligence officers have said that the information released was sourced by an ally in the fight against ISIS, and may jeopardize the ally’s position and ability to source further information. It wasn’t made clear exactly who this ally is or how they would be hindered by the release, leaving many to question whether the potential issue is even real.

Others are less concerned about the potential impact to allies and more concerned about the fact that Trump is working so closely with Russia, a country that inspired the Cold War and years of struggle for Americans both on home soil and overseas.

But under scrutiny, the potential danger of Russia using information about ISIS against America somehow is incredibly minute. Such a move wouldn’t benefit them, and would only serve to threaten Russia just as much as America. Though Russia doesn’t struggle with ISIS to the same degree as the United States, they have generally held just as negative a stance against the organization for the last two decades.

What’s really at play here likely has more to do with the fact that conspiracy theorists are convinced that our POTUS is somehow working with Russia behind the scenes. This, too, is where the idea that Trump is a Russian plant comes from in the first place. It’s also why there is an (as of yet unfounded) investigation into Russia’s interference with the last election.

Intelligence sources have yet to find any proof that Trump worked with Russia, either to get into the White House or to fool the public. At the end of the day, the matter is likely one of poor timing more than anything else.



  1. The problem is that America HEAVILY relies on our allies to share EXTREMELY important classified intelligence. Those allies are ABSOLUTELY going to be much less likely to share intel. if they cannot trust our IGNORANT president to keep his stupid mouth shut. Now we know that it was Israel who gave that intel to us. Russia is an ENEMY of Israel, just as they are an ENEMY of America. If Trump had shared that intel with any of our allies it would be VERY different but it is Russia. Hmm ironically the very same person that Trump and his merry band of morons have already been PROVEN to have had secret communication & meetings with. WAKE UP. It’s not a coincidence.

  2. As above. President Trump is our leader. To the libs get over it. You had your shot and you still don’t get it. You blew the election and helped us get Mr. Trump elected. Lot of good things are happening and more to come. You all on the other hand have nothing creative to present and you certainly are not problem solvers. You see Trump as the problem, we see him as a solution. Your dog and pony show is without an audience. We are tired of your negativism and sick of your complaining. You are a leaderless bunch married to our equally incompetent media, Stop it with the reliable source nonsense. Not working anymore. It is ok to disagree but come up with solutions and programs that benefit this wonderful country we all live in. Your present direction, if you have one, are/ will take us down the wrong path.

  3. Even the President has to go thru the steps to declassify anything. Not just running off at the mouth at the time the Russians are there. I will be glad when he is out, sorry to say.

  4. White House Senior Staff, National Security, FBI and Republicans are a bunch of TRUMP PUPPETEERS. When he pulls that string they tangle up to cover up his antics’.

  5. The POTUS has the absolute right to negotiate with anyone at anytime and to declassify and reclassify information on the go. He is the only person that can do this, no one else. Yet, others did this and were protected by the same media that is attacking the POTUS.


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