Top Stories 4-26-16

Texting May Soon be Allowed Inside America’s Biggest Movie Theater Chain

Texting may soon be allowed in movie theaters, according to the head of America’s biggest chain in a move to entice younger audiences. Will it work?
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Are Smart People Idiots When It Comes to Philosophy? [Watch Video]

There’s no doubt that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is extremely intelligent. But it seems that, when it comes to philosophy, it seems he’s completely in the dark.
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Special: Scientists Finally Solved the Hair-Loss Problem... Look!

Cancer Survivor Creates Empathy Cards that Patients Would Actually Want to Get

“Empathy Cards: Support for Serious Illnesses” is a card collection of messages that patients would actually want to receive. Take a look…
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Special: New Wireless Cams Catch EVERYONE in the Act...

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