Trump Exposes His “Real” Assets and Leaves Hillary Speechless

Trump Exposes His “Real” Assets and Leaves Hillary Speechless
Trump Exposes His “Real” Assets and Leaves Hillary Speechless

It can be argued that there are a lot of things Donald Trump is missing that would qualify him for president of the United States—background, education, and experience, to name a few. One thing he’s not missing? Balls.

It started with the cyber-bomb that went off Friday in the wake of the leaked “locker-room” tape, when the entire nation seemed to collectively lose their minds. People ran screaming into the streets. Republican leaders searched frantically for ways to publicly shun him. In fact, many speculated that his bid for president was over—that there could be no recovery from so high a fall. But Trump must be part feline. He seemed to land squarely on his feet.

While some expected him to no-show the second presidential debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Sunday night, he showed up alright—loaded for bear. He apologized to everyone about the locker-room comments. Oh, it lacked a little in the sincerity department. But he said he was sorry, put it behind him, and then focused on delivering at least a handful of blows to Hillary Clinton. He talked about the emails. He talked about the lies and deceit. At one point, he even told Clinton if he were president that she would “…be in jail.” While the audience was asked to hold their applause, there was clapping and hollering that could be heard after that one. By the end of the debate, the hot-mic incident was all but forgotten (for now), and Hillary was left waiting for her cue to smile.



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