Trump Jr. Exposes [Important] Emails with Russia

Trump Jr. Exposes [Important] Emails with Russia
Trump Jr. Exposes [Important] Emails with Russia

Donald Trump Jr. seemed to be trying to get ahead of the game this week, when he released what could be incriminating emails just minutes before the New York Times made them public. The emails could go a long way toward proving at least some of the efforts that Russia made to tamper with the elections.

In previous interviews, the son of President Donald Trump offered no information to indicate that his meeting with a Russian attorney had anything to do with Clinton. However, the emails tell a different story.

The emails shown here indicate that Trump Jr. was not only aware that the purpose of the meeting was to gather incriminating information about Clinton, but was excited about the prospect. One interesting element of the emails suggests that the Russians trust Trump Jr. more than they do his father, stating that the same information was sent to Donald Trump, but because it was so sensitive, they shared it with Trump Jr. as well.

Trump Jr. stated that he was posting the emails in an effort to be totally transparent.



  1. dems will never admit that they lost because of their candidate. Get over it and help the president make our country great again.

  2. I’m sure they could find Hillary digging up dirt on trump throughout the whole campaign season…Oh Wait! I forgot she deleted t all!

  3. Total false hood, DJ jr. did NOT know anything of importance, if he did someone leaked info THEY were not suppose to,during campaign, I believe this was a set up to be used by Dems. in case Trump won, with investigation I am sure you’ll find Hillary’s name all over it. They may be cunning and definitely dangerous, but they are not as smart as they think and this will all come back to bite them.


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