Turkey Just Crashed The Mosul Offensive

Turkey Just Crashed The Mosul Offensive
Turkey Just Crashed The Mosul Offensive

In the Middle East right now, Turkey, Iraqi and U.S.-lead forces have been engaged in a major military offensive to deliver the city of Mosul from ISIS control. Turkey suddenly decided to drop in unannounced, allegedly offering help in the fight against ISIS. While it may sound generous of them to help out, everyone knows, Turkey has ulterior motives.

Here’s a quick history lesson on Turkey: First of all, Iraq was not always Iraq. Once it was part of the Ottoman Empire, just like Turkey. But, after World War I, when Western powers sliced and diced what used to be the Ottoman Empire into manageable chunks, Iraq and Turkey became independent countries. That’s not to say they actually liked it.

Now, Turkey is doing the exact same thing in Syria with their recent uninvited entry into the ground war. Add to that mixture the fact that ISIS has all but obliterated the lines between Iraq and Syria. Turkey now has its hands in both pies, neither of which they own nor have been invited into, which now looks more like an opportunity for a land-grab.

We’ll see if Turkey is willing to step aside and let this fight be Iraq’s. If they don’t, they risk igniting a war-within-a-war between Iraq and Turkey.



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