U.S. Mistake Ruins Syrian Truce

U.S. Mistake Ruins Syrian Truce
U.S. Mistake Ruins Syrian Truce

Based on preliminary reports, it appears the United States might have made a serious mistake in Syria on Saturday. It has been reported that the U.S. performed air strikes against what they believed were Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, but ended up being Syrian ground forces instead. Even though the U.S. has made a formal apology to Syria, this event did nothing to strengthen the fragile cease-fire put into place last week by the U.S. and Russia. So the humanitarian aid that was supposed to be at the heart of this cease-fire is still sitting in trucks waiting to be delivered to the more than 250,000 Syrian people who need it desperately. But if the U.S. is counting on Russia’s compassion to hold this deal together, maybe they should consider the facts. The U.S. spends billions of dollars every year on humanitarian aid around the world. And Russia? They spend millions. Clearly, humanitarianism isn’t Putin’s strong suit. The Russian people may care, but Putin does not. So if we really want to help the Syrian people, then the U.S. needs to stop playing tiddlywinks with the Russians and come up with a real plan to get the aid where it’s needed most.



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