[Video] Clintons Breaking Campaigning Laws

Breaking Campaigning Laws
Breaking Campaigning Laws

Video has surfaced of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, appearing at a New Bedford, MA polling station and with the help of the mayor, the videographer alleges, blocking Sanders supporters from entering and voting. New Bedford was considered a toss-up area of the state, with lots of support for Sanders.

Bill Clinton at polling station

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That wasn’t the only accusation of election fraud that emerged from the Bay State.

Voters complained that earlier, Slick Willy had been actively campaigning inside polling areas around the state, pressuring citizens to support his wife in clear violation of voting laws. Campaign laws state that campaigning is prohibited within 150 feet of a polling place.

Hillary Clinton won the following states after yesterday’s Super Tuesday results: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts and Arkansas

Even though she won, the big question is, did she win the fairly?

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