Violent Protesters Jump The Gun

Violence Protesters Jump The Gun
Violence Protesters Jump The Gun

Violent protests took place Tuesday in both Tulsa, Ok., and Charlotte, N.C., over separate incidences involving the shooting of black men by police. In Tulsa, it seems evident from the videotape that a white police officer might have shot an unarmed black man. But we still have to wait for the facts to come in. In Charlotte, a black policeman shot a black man who clearly appeared to be holding a gun. But we still have to wait for the facts to come in. These stories are not the same, so the reaction to them should not be the same. And it’s not the protests themselves that are an issue, it’s the violent protests. Violent protests are just an excuse for people to behave badly and now they are creating another state of emergency. And the violence completely discredits protesters’ arguments and calls for a very violent law enforcement response. Can we say they deserve what they get? Is that politically correct? If protesters want to be heard, they shouldn’t be threatening their listeners.



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