Watching 250,000 Men, Women & Children Being Obliterated in Aleppo

Russia Continues to Help Syria Obliterate 250,000 Men, Women & Children in Aleppo
Russia Continues to Help Syria Obliterate 250,000 Men, Women & Children in Aleppo

Sometimes, playing the nice guy works. Sometimes it doesn’t. While the U.S. continues to woo Russia into more useless talks about Syria, Russia continues to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to obliterate one of his country’s largest cities, Aleppo. Oh, Russia keeps making noises about wanting to talk, but they’re really just re-baiting the hook.

They may go so far as to make another cease-fire agreement with the U.S., but it won’t last. It never does. Certainly not with the likes of Vladimir Putin at the helm, who longs to dominate pretty much all that he surveys. So the U.S. is basically saying to Russia, “We’re not talking to you anymore if you don’t cut it out.”

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Two years ago, Obama issued an ultimatum against intervention in Syria by “drawing a line in the sand.” When he failed to follow through, the door was open for Russia to get involved in a way that has been disastrous for all sides. As a result, there are some 250,000 Syrian men, women, and children trapped in Aleppo with no resources to stay alive and who are constantly on the run from the bunker-busting bombs dropped into their city every day.

The story unfolds daily on social media and as Americans grow tired of the story we change the channel. Is this seriously the best we can do to just watch it all unfold?

Should our country stand up for these innocent people first and have the long drawn out political talks after?

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