Wells Fargo Opened 2 Mil Bogus Accounts

Wells Fargo Opened 2 Mil Bogus Accounts
Wells Fargo Opened 2 Mil Bogus Accounts

It looks like Wells Fargo may have to consider therapy in the near future—they’re about to have some serious trust issues to deal with. It was recently discovered that some 5,300 bank employees had been fired because they were guilty of opening bogus bank and credit card accounts without customers’ knowledge or consent in order to meet sales quotas. While this situation is wrong on multiple levels, it really shouldn’t be unexpected. It is estimated that Wells Fargo collected more than $1.5 million on more than two million bogus accounts since 2011. And some say the sales quotas for these employees was unreasonably high. Those employees who didn’t make the quotas also didn’t keep their jobs. But if this kind of illegal activity were, in part, acts of desperation on the part of 5,300 employees, it’s probably safe to say that employees didn’t create the problem. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo seems to want to lay blame on all the little horses that keep their famous stagecoach moving. Perhaps they need to take a better look at the drivers.



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