What Really Matters at the End of Your Life…

What Really Matters at the End of Your Life...
What Really Matters at the End of Your Life...

No matter what your upbringing or religious beliefs BJ Miller has not only seen it all, he’s been through it all–an actual expert on pain, suffering and death. This message is no downer. Quite the opposite in fact. Most people wonder what it might be like to die approaching the topic with some fear and uncertainty.

BJ Miller helps people face their own eventual deaths on their terms by design–with positive intention & creativity.

Miller has become an icon for palliative care organizations around the world with a passion for helping others which stems from his personal experience — which happened to be 10,000 volt shock sustained while a Princeton undergraduate that cost him three limbs and nearly killed him. BJ explains his experiences and philosophies in his extraordinary TED Talk which you can watch in full right here. Don’t miss this one–make time for it–You’ll be glad you did.



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