World War III: This Might Set It Off!

World War III: This Might Set It Off!
World War III: This Might Set It Off!

The idea of a World War III seems like science fiction to the average person, but another war to end all wars may be closer than you think.

Historically speaking, there have been numerous world wars, not just the two titled as such. The Romans swept across and conquered much of the known world. Alexander of Macedonia did the same. The Crusades reconquered Europe from the Moors and then little Germany was a flashpoint that set off global carnage. Not to mention, the U.S. and former Soviet Union teetered on the brink of global annihilation through the Cold War. World wars happens so often, we’re due.

Is North Korea the Spark?

The communist dictator, Kim Jong-Un, appears far more erratic than any other of the figures that sparked multi-country conflicts in the past. The “Crazy fat kid,” as U.S. Sen John McCain so notably called North Korea’s despot, has thumbed his nose at super powers such as the United States and China and calls by the United Nations to curb his nuclear aspirations. Kim has responded by threatening a strike on the American mainland and repeated missile launches.

He may be backing Pres. Donald J. Trump into pre-emptive military action. U.S. military leaders have called for an end to Obama-era “strategic patience” and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says war may be “inevitable.”

“There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s (missile) program and North Korea itself,” Graham reportedly said. “If there’s going to be a war to stop them, it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there, they’re not going to die here and (Pres. Trump) told me that to my face.”

The rogue regime has strategically aligned itself with neighboring Russia, China and U.S. enemies such as Iran. The radical Middle Eastern nation has also pursued nuclear capabilities and openly vows to destroy the U.S. and Israel. Conflict with this unholy alliance would prompt a call for NATO backing, spreading war across multiple continents.

The Russia Problem

American politicians may think they are scoring brownie points with voters by leveling sanctions against Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and his cronies, but they may be just feeding the dogs of war.

After eight years of friction under Pres. Obama, Putin looked forward to working in areas of mutual national interest with incoming Pres. Trump. Impromptu property seizures by Obama after taking an election hit, Russian collusion witch hunts, strikes against the Russian-backed Syrian Army and the latest round of anti-Kremlin sanctions has worn out the patience of “The Most Powerful Man in the World.”

Putin, a former KGB operative and savvy world leader, understands that nuclear holocaust is off the table. That means Russia can continue its power expansion in the Ukraine and Syria facing only traditional military options from the U.S. should things reach fever pitch.

From Putin’s perspective, a hot war with America in Syria or North Korea might be welcome. The Russians have been looking to even the score since the Cold War and Afghanistan drubbings. Another Vietnam-like loss at Putin’s hands would etch his name into Russian history as one of the north country’s most revered leaders. Of course, such a conflict would re-escalate ISIS’ proliferation, draw in Iran, Turkey, North Korea and others to its side. And, NATO joining American forces against Russia is not a sure bet.

For skeptics who think another global conflict is impossible, World War III may be a foregone conclusion. It’s a gasoline soaked planet. One match and the whole thing could go up in flames.



  1. Nobody in their right mind will attack us.For every silo Reagan took down 4 Trident and later subs went into the ocean.Nobody including the American people have any idea of our firepower.That being said the shot fat oriental in N.K. doesn’t have the brains God gave a frog,so he will start some shit and we will wipe out his regime once and for all.Too bad some of the good people of North Korea will die but alls fare in love and war.And the rest of the world will stand by and bitch about it but pat us on the back.

  2. Do yourself a favor, go fly a kite. I want peace not war. why Israel can have nuclear missile and North Korea can’t ? aggravated them we are going to war, it is worthed? it seems to me that USA want to be the world police. Why we want to stir a fight? Why do we want to bully other? why we want to pick a fight? peace is the best solution, and why can we just leave them alone? if we are not provoked a rattle snake, would it strike us? do anyone remembered that when we went into Iraq for nuclear missiles… North Korea learned that surrendered and talked to the US then the consequence is attacked and war also be destroyed….Do we learned anything from the Iraq war and leading to ISIS? Millions people die is not a joke. Peace and no provoke is the best solution. Mr. President, we want jobs for our US citizen not war. Please look carefully, all the foreigners robbed us under the “skill worker”. our economic is in bad shape. Do what is good for the country ask not for your own feeling and go to war and let the citizen go hungry and million die. Does any one of you know why president Trump said (in 2016)the foreigners rape our US worker? More specific is China? Why we lost jobs and why US goes down in many aspects and other countries go up? When I search job, I found 80% India, Italy, German, Malaysia, 50% China, Singapore, Israel, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Canada, Japan and many more protected under the skill-worker H1 B1. The whole world is taking all jobs in the US. Are they bad? Do I hate them? No! and No! They are all play by the rules. I love all the people but I can’t have a job. However, the US government allows skill-worker to take our job and care nothing about the US citizen that all. Who fault is this? Our government! Our government also like to bully other countries and created war! our government.

  3. We need to cut a deal with Russia. Give up our ambitions on Syria if they will give up their ambitions on Ukraine. Why in hell do we care who runs Syria anyway? If a dictator is not in control there then terrorist will be. We have too much in common with the Russian people to be in opposition to them, and they us also. I don’t believe there are any other countries so demented that they would jump into a world war just to take the side of North Korea or Iran. In the event either of those countries attempted a nuclear strike on the US they would be totally incinerated within minutes. One of our submarines has more than enough firepower to totally annihilate both.

  4. I should have added…….while I am retired military, I would be right up front to volunteer!

  5. If we do a preemptive strike on N Korea, it needs to be strong enough and cause so much damage that N Korea will not be able to fight on the Korean Peninsula.
    If this happens, there will be nothing the rest of the world could accomplish…..Meaning increased fighting in the Middle East.


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