1 Dead, 3 Dozen Detained Trying to Swim to US

1 Dead, 3 Dozen Detained Trying to Swim to US

(UnitedVoice.com) – The US-Mexican Border has become a place of chaos since President Joe Biden took office in January. Thousands of migrants have entered the country illegally. Sadly, many have lost their lives making the journey.

According to a statement by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), one person died while attempting to cross into the US with a large group of people. The deceased, a woman, was in a group of approximately 70 people trying to illegally swim around the border fence separating Tijuana and San Diego. Border Patrol agents tried to perform CPR on the woman but were unsuccessful at reviving her.

The border fence that the group was trying to swim around is steel and topped with razor wire. It reportedly extends about 300 feet into the ocean, making it one of the most dangerous border crossing locations in the country.

Aaron Heitke, San Diego Sector’s Chief Patrol Agent, said the mass crossing was part of a smuggling operation. He vowed to “work tirelessly to pursue” and bring the smugglers responsible for the woman’s death to justice. CBP arrested another 36 people from the group and transported them to a station for processing.

It’s been nine months since Biden took office and the border crisis is still raging. When is it going to end?

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