10 Critical Quarantine Survival Tips

10 Critical Quarantine Survival Tips

(UnitedVoice.com) – COVID-19 is having a massive impact on the world around us. Politicians are self-isolating, schools are being canceled, celebrities are infected, public events are shut down, and now President Trump has declared a state of emergency in the United States. With all of this chaos going on, it’s a good time to learn how to prepare for a potential quarantine situation here.

With the help of our friends at ModernSurvival.org, we have put together a list of critical survival tips to help you prepare for and endure self-isolation or a full-blown quarantine.

Stocking Food & Water

The Department of Homeland Security has recommended everyone have a two-week supply of food in preparation for facing a pandemic. Canned foods are going to be a good choice here because fresh fruits and vegetables are likely to spoil during that period of time. Additionally, canned foods are, as a general rule, easy to prepare.

Frozen food is another option to consider, so long as you have space in your freezer to store it and power to keep it cold. Anything with a long shelf life is going to be nice to have on hand, such as peanut butter, granola, trail mix, and crackers, to name a few.

Having a good stock of bottled water is also recommended. Bottled water is great, but filling up empty milk bottles with tap water will work just fine. Remember, this is a precaution just in case things get really ugly out there. On average, you can only survive for three days without water. You can go for about three weeks without food.

The Essentials

The mad dash to buy up toilet paper has become a running joke on social media, but it won’t be so funny if you can’t leave the house and you run out. We aren’t saying to buy every roll you find, but enough to last your family a couple of weeks — if you can find it.

Stock up on other products such as feminine hygiene items, wet wipes, and diapers, if anyone in your home is in need of them. Paper towels and, just in case, tissues would be a nice addition as well.

Hygiene is incredibly important right now, so make sure you have enough toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent to last for 14 days. Most households already have this at any given time, but if you are getting low, now would be a good time to get back up to sustainable levels.

If you have pets, and many of us do, they are going to need essential items as well. Get enough food to last them for a few weeks. Cats will need litter boxes changed as well, so remember to pick up extra.

Medicine and First Aid

If a mandatory lockdown is put in place, getting your prescriptions will not be an option. Make sure you have enough to last at least 30 days, if possible.

Other medications, such as antacids, cold medicine, and painkillers, are worth purchasing in advance of a quarantine. The coronavirus isn’t the only thing you can catch right now, and having a stomach bug while stuck at home isn’t going to be fun.

You should always have a well-stocked first aid kit at home for any kind of emergency. If for some reason you don’t already have one, there are a variety of ready-made options on the market you can purchase.

Prepare Your Family

It’s important to sit down with your family and talk over the situation. If you have small children in the home, try to explain what’s going on in such a way that they can understand, but without scaring them. Panic, for them or for you, is only going to make everything worse.

One of the best ways to mitigate panic is to assign everyone tasks to complete. If you are going to be locked indoors for extended periods of time, this shouldn’t be hard. Give everyone chores such as cooking meals, cleaning dishes, or doing laundry. Try to stay as close to your normal routine as you can, just for a sense of familiarity.

If you do get locked down, take advantage of the time. Dust off the board games and play with your children. Do crafting projects or even clean areas of your home that have been on the backburner. We don’t get as much time as we would like to spend quality time with our families in this busy day and age, now’s the time to do something about it.

Other Tips

  • Gather your medical and personal identification records. If you have to go to the hospital, having these on hand will be a time saver.
  • Have a humidifier. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested these to help ease symptoms of COVID-19. They’re also helpful for other illnesses as well.
  • Make sure you have a can opener for the canned goods mentioned above.
  • Have some cash on hand, just in case.
  • Gather some flashlights and spare batteries.
  • Purchase some heavy-duty garbage bags.
  • Fill your vehicles with gas.

With a little bit of preparation and knowledge, we can avoid falling into the panic that seems to be sweeping over the masses.

For further information on how to prepare, visit ModernSurvival.org.

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