10 Times Armed Citizens Saved the Day

10 Times Armed Citizens Saved the Day
10 Times Armed Citizens Saved the Day

There’s been a lot of talk of banning guns in the media lately, mostly because we’ve experienced a number of gun-related tragedies within a short period of time. It’s easy to take this to mean guns should be banned outright, but the reality is that banning guns entirely doesn’t fix the problem – it might even make it worse. Moreover, there are good reasons to allow citizens to be armed. Case in point: these 10 stories where armed citizens saved the day.

Key Facts

• On September 24, 2014, reserve sheriff’s deputy, Mark Vaughan, shot Alton Nolen after he murdered and gruesomely beheaded his victim at a local business. Vaughan used his own concealed carry gun to stop the criminal before he could harm anyone else.
• A shooter who attempted to take down students and faculty at Prince Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2013, was stopped by an armed guard at the site. The guard successfully stopped the shooter from harming any children and very likely saved lives.
• 18-year-old Sarah McKinlay shot and killed an intruder who attempted to break into her mobile home in Blanchard, Oklahoma. McKinlay was at home with her six-month-old infant when a pair of men attempted to break in. She also wounded and stopped the other man at the same time.
• In 2012, 71-year-old Sam Williams pulled out his concealed carry weapon during an attempted robbery in Florida. The suspects fled the scene without taking money, inventory, or lives.
• Back in 2006, a disgruntled employee attempted to go on a shooting spree at Media Madhouse in Indiana. Another employee who was licensed to concealed carry jumped into action, pulled out his weapon, and shot the employee before he could cause harm.
• William Allabaugh attempted to shoot up a bar back in 2015. Allabaugh did manage to did fatally shoot two patrons during the event, but was stopped by another bar patron who was carrying a gun.
• 22-year-old Everardo Custodio attempted to shoot up a crowd in Chicago at Logan Square. An Uber driver who was legally carrying a weapon and present at the scene shot Everardo, ending the event before it even really got started. If the driver had not been present, many deaths would have occurred.
• In 2012, at a Spartanburg, S.C., church, perpetrator Jesse Gates brought a loaded rifle to the church and kicked in the door during a service. Parishioner Aaron Gates pulled out his concealed carry weapon and brandished it as other church members disarmed Gates before he could shoot.
• Calvin Lavant and Jamal Hill broke into a home during a party in Atlanta, Georgia, a few years back. Both perpetrators told the attendees they planned to rape and then murder the girls at the site of the event. Off-duty Marine, Sean Barner, who was technically illegally carrying a weapon in his backpack, successfully shot and wounded Lavant, who ran off and died of his injuries.
• A 2008 event in Winnemucca, Nevada, saw Ernest Villagomez attempt to enter a bar hosting 300 celebrating patrons with the intention to shoot up the crowd. Villagomez successfully murdered two patrons and injured two others, at which time another patron pulled out his gun and shot the man dead, effectively ending the shooting.