12 Tortured Children Found in House of Horrors

12 Tortured Children Found in House of Horrors
12 Tortured Children Found in House of Horrors

A devastating tale of abuse and neglect is unfolding in California today, where 12 children were found languishing within a Perris home. The children, who range in age from as young as two to as old as 29, were shackled, confined, malnourished, and in at least one case, suffering from significant chronic health problems.

Key Facts

• Parents David Turpin, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, were also on the scene. Neither was able to provide police with a reasonable explanation for the confinement.
• Seven of the children are over 18; however, it appears that these children, too, were confined, emaciated, and starving upon investigation.
• The children were discovered after one 17-year-old managed to escape from the home and run to a local police station. There, she told police about their confinement in an effort to get help for her siblings
• Police have remarked that the 17-year-old was so starved and thin that officers first believed she was approximately 10 years old. In fact, it was only later on in the initial investigation that police realized any of the children they discovered were over 18 at all.
• The Turpin’s home in Perrin was registered as the Sandcastle Day School, a public institution claiming to teach K-12 students. It is currently unknown how the organization managed to fly under the radar for so long.
• Past documents show the Turpins were forced to file for bankruptcy in 2011 after they discovered they owed nearly half a million dollars in debt. A bankruptcy lawyer for the couple claimed to have never met the children, but said they expressed fondness for them in speech.

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