$20 Child-Safe Device Beats Gun for Home Defense

$20 Child-Safe Device Beats Gun for Home Defense
$20 Child-Safe Device Beats Gun for Home Defense

I’ve owned a gun for many years. The main reason I bought it was for peace-of-mind to protect myself and my family in the event of a home invasion. Even though I keep it at my bedside at night and locked up in a nearby safe during the day, I have to be concerned that my kids might find it if I forget to put it back in the safe. I also worry about my spouse thinking I’m an intruder if I come home late at night.
When I hear stories about a residential break-in and people shooting an intruder, I also ask myself; could I shoot someone who broke into my home? Would I be prosecuted by the state? Would the intruder’s family sue me? Would my shots endanger my own family or neighbors? Even with great training, guns are not a simple solution. I wished there was a better way to confidently STOP an intruder and turn them running without shooting.
When I expressed my concerns to a friend of mine who has combat and law enforcement experience, he explained to me that nobody should be going to their gun in the dark as a first line of defense. If someone breaks into your home in the dark, they are usually thinking you are not home or can be easily overpowered. They don’t typically want to be seen or confronted. The use of an extremely bright tactical flashlight is actually the best line of defense for protecting your home and family at night.
The light beam of a modern tactical flashlight is so strong that if pointed at an intruder in the dark, it would shock and disorient them immediately. If they didn’t run away, it would give you enough time to better asses the situation, grab a weapon, call the police and compose yourself. Many tactical lights also have a strobe feature that if directed at an intruder’s face they would be completely disoriented and be more likely to believe you were armed and dangerous. If you do have a  gun as a backup–great, but at least you would not be faced with deadly decisions in the dark.
The flashlight defense scenario sounded like something I could handle mentally and physically. I started searching the Internet for a flashlight I could use as an alternative. My friend told me to make sure it had these features:

  • On off pushbutton in the tail
  • Lighted tail pushbutton
  • Strobe light function
  • Adjustable beam brightness
  • Adjustable beam width
  • At least 700 lumens brightness
  • Reasonably priced so I could buy two

If the flashlight defense strategy sounds like something you can live with, it may provide the best alternative to shooting at an intruder (or an innocent victim by mistake) in the dark.
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