2A Sanctuary Locales Gaining Ground

2A Sanctuary Locales Gaining Ground

The Second Amendment was written in recognition of the challenges citizens and our country as a whole face and need protection from. But in recent years, the challenge has been coming from within, in the form of new gun laws. America has responded… in the form of creating sanctuary locales that won’t bend to any new notions when it comes to limiting gun rights of Americans.

Sevier and Jefferson Counties in Tennessee have become among the most recent locales to join the fight with the notion of sanctuary counties. These counties and cities began by refusing to take part in enforcing federal laws that were in conflict with the Second Amendment. As things evolved, they took another step by designing their own resolutions to combat the federal ones.

Federal vs. State

Though states are able to make their own laws, federal laws supercede them. We’ve seen the results time and again with marijuana laws based in states that directly conflict with federal laws. Federally, marijuana is illegal to possess, but many states have made use of it legal, and citizens rely on the state laws while realizing they may face federal penalties. In other words, the Federal government can come into any state and impose federal laws, regardless of what the state establishes.

Risk of War

It’s one thing to seize land, funds, plants and accessories in violation of federal laws. Will the federal government take the same approach when it comes to gun laws?

The risk is obvious. Gun owners are likely to see enforcement of federal law as an infringement of their rights, one of the very things the Second Amendment was designed to protect us from. It’s very possible that American citizens who are confronted with federal laws and asked to relinquish their guns or accessories will respond in force.

Know Your Rights

Whether you live in a 2A sanctuary city or county or not, keep in mind that federal laws trump state laws. You’re obligated to follow state and local laws that go above and beyond federal counterparts, but when they’re in conflict with each other, federal law will win in a federal court.

While these entities are in conflict with each other, it’s really best to just keep a low profile. As an adult, you get to make your own choices concerning which laws you’ll follow, but you’re not free from the consequences of those choices. Keep your choices from becoming an issue by keeping your head down and trying not to stand out. In other words, know the law, but avoid any bragging or bradnishing that could turn the crosshairs on you.

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