3 of the Dumbest Criminals of 2019

3 of the Dumbest Criminals of 2019

The majority of people who are willing to commit crimes aren’t that bright, but we’ve managed to narrow the list down to the top 3 dumbest people who have committed crimes this year.

Bold Bike Thief

There are about 188,500 bicycles stolen each year in the US. Many times they are taken from people’s yards or from the front of a business. One stupid criminal in Gladstone, Oregan thought it would be a good idea to take a bike from another place — in front of the local police station.

As seen here, Adam Valle walked up to the front of the Gladstone Police Department with a pair of bolt cutters and started cutting the lock on the bike. Two police officers inside were watching the security camera video and apprehended him minutes later.

Incessant Doorbell Licking

Doorbell security cameras are very popular for many homes due to the great security features they provide. They have also become popular online because of some of the crazy videos that homeowners upload. One pair of homeowners in Salinas, California went viral at the beginning of the year when they caught a very unusual sight on their Ring security camera.

The video, which was recorded around 5 am, shows a man later identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, licking the doorbell of the home. This went on for more than three hours. After leaving, he also relieved himself in the front yard.

Once caught by the police, Aroyyo was charged with prowling and violation of his probation.

Botched Bank Robbery

According to the movies, robbing a bank requires a lot of skill and planning. With the amount of security nowadays, anyone who attempts to do this has to be lacking some brain cells, but one man in Ohio really raised the bar for stupid criminals.

In August of this year, Michael Harrell decided he was going to rob a US Bank branch in Cleveland. He used the typical move of handing the teller a note demanding that she hand over all the money.

This is where things went downhill very quickly for Harrell.

You see, the paper the note was written on was from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and contained both his name and address.

Special Agent Vicki Anderson from the Cleveland branch of the FBI tactfully stated:

“A lot of times, we’re sending out pictures, we have no idea who this person could be or what part of town they could be from. And when you present a note that has your name already on it and address, it helps law enforcement tremendously.”

The teller, who noticed the information right away, even used Michael’s name when she handed him the $200 that was in her till. On top of giving away his name and address, he also didn’t bother to hide his face. Not surprisingly, Harrell was caught fairly quickly.

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