3 Reasons to Be Thankful…You’re Not a Democrat

3 Reasons to Be Thankful...You're Not a Democrat

It’s Thanksgiving. That means it’s time for food, family, food, football, more food and…well…giving thanks. It’s right there in the name — though many Americans seem to have forgotten that. Let’s look at some reasons one might be relieved not to be a Progressive Liberal/Democrat. Let’s get to it, fill in the blank of: “I give thanks I am not a Democrat because I ____________.”

Am Not Gullible

Let’s face it, the decades-long effort to dumb down the people has begun to bear fruit. Bumper crops of it. After at least 13 years of hearing liberal shills teachers brazenly declaring what they have said is the unvarnished truth (somehow remaining straight-faced), it should not surprise us that so many of our children buy into their rhetoric. Now, they have a ready-made audience who will accept their version of events as some sort of twisted gospel — unassailable and writ in stone.

Believe in Self-Reliance

This is not to say socioeconomic safety nets are wrong — they’re not. They can be instrumental in getting a person who has fallen on hard times back on their feet. What’s wrong is the way the Left has weaponized them and used them as a sort of extortion against their typical voter base. These multi-generational handouts buttress underlying premises Democrats need people to fall for to survive as a species:

  • You’re not competent, so we’re going to force colleges to admit some of you.
  • You’re not competent, so we’re going to force employers to hire a certain percentage of you.
  • You’re not competent, so we’re going to provide you with substandard housing in crime-ridden slums.
  • You’re not competent, so we’re going to give you a food allowance that will, barely, keep your family alive.

There are more demeaning ideas the Progressive Liberals put forth under the guise of assistance, but this gives the gist of it. Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to believe that anybody is capable of learning the skills needed to support themselves and their families. No, it’s more than that, we know it.

Am an American

All one has to do is listen to the extremists currently driving the Democratic party these days, the likes of AOC, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar to name but a few, to realize they have no idea what it means to be a true American.

Some of them openly support the forced “buyback” [read confiscation] of guns in direct opposition to the 2nd Amendment. Others unabashedly call for divesting from Israel, painting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah as innocent victims.

Yet another group is working to make an end-run around the Electoral College because they know they’d never be able to amend the Constitution to eliminate it. Using the tried-and-true Liberal tactic of “if you can’t win, cheat,” they fight on.

In reality, very little in life is all bad or all good, it all tends to be a mixture. But it’s hard to look at the left side of the political spectrum and not see a machine that is intent on ripping apart the country and remaking it into some strange hodgepodge of left-fascism, socialism and communism that will benefit only a small elitist group of people — regardless of what they promise.

Makes us proud to be Americans, Conservatives and ultimately grateful NOT to be Democrats.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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