3D Gun Printing Legalized

3D Gun Printing Legalized
3D Gun Printing Legalized

Gun rights activists have FINALLY won a battle to make 3D printed guns legal to carry and use in all of the same circumstances as typical weaponry. It’s a win that broadens access to guns for everyday citizens and re-affirms the right to bear arms.

Key Facts

• The nearly five-year battle to legalize 3D printed guns will officially come to a positive close for gun rights activists as of last month. Now, gun owners will be able to “print” their own guns for just pennies on the dollar, making it more affordable and just for everyone to exercise their Second Amendment rights.
• Part of this legal battle involved how to handle sharing the 3D-firearm plans in areas where certain guns aren’t legal. Because of this ruling, 3D printer and design owners will now be able to upload and share their designs.
• Printed guns are made from simple ABS plastic and can be printed by anyone with an inexpensive 3D-printer. The only other tool needed for the most basic gun is a firing pin and ammunition, though the gun will last longer and perform better with a metal barrel.
• Currently, most designs are single-shot, meaning they can not be magazine-fed or shoot semi-automatic. This will likely change as new improved designs are created and shared.
• While the 3D-printing material isn’t nearly as strong or long lasting as molded components, the materials and printers are rapidly getting better and less expensive each year.
• A high quality 3D-printer can be purchased for under $500 and a gun could be printed for under $20 in material.
• Using a 3D printers doesn’t require design skills, as users can simply share plans, download and print with the push of a button.
• The nature of 3D printed gun or gun parts, including their affordability and accessibility, makes them an option for those who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights, however, their fragility and lack of standards can make them very dangerous options for any user to experiment with, let alone rely on for self defense.
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