4 Reasons Trump Can Still Win the November 8th Election

4 Reasons Trump Can Still Win the November 8th Election
4 Reasons Trump Can Still Win the November 8th Election

The press is saying that Clinton has the election in the bag and that Trump can’t recover, but the press is operating with extreme bias. Real world happenings are full of unexpected surprises. If Trump were to pull off an election win, it would simply be par-for-the-course with his Campaign. Trump has been in trouble many times before and came out on top of things. Will he close the gap enough to beat Hillary?
Here’s why Trump is very much still in the game this November:

  1. Most Americans still agree that Washington is largely run by corrupt interests and needs a wakeup call. Only Trump appears to fit the bill.
  2. Most people are already resigned to selecting who they think will be the lesser of evils–so some sex scandal or locker room talk is not going make things much better or worse no matter how much the media play it up.
  3. Clinton has twenty plus years of nasty skeletons in her closet that anyone can find with very little effort; however, the media mostly ignores it. Will you ignore it?
  4. When it comes down to who is more believable or trustworthy; do you want someone who appears to be a very polished criminal politician with the proven ability to deceive an entire nation, or do you want someone who doesn’t hide anything, says everything on his mind, repeats every point twice, and barely finishes a sentence?

And finally, anything can happen, from more leaked information to health issues or anyone’s guess what they’ll find next. Good luck with your decision–there’s still a month to go. This isn’t going to be easy.