5 Easy Ways for Seniors to Make Money While Shopping

5 Easy Ways for Seniors to Make Money While Shopping
5 Easy Ways for Seniors to Make Money While Shopping

Living on a fixed income isn’t easy, especially with so many financial changes in healthcare, stocks you thought were solid, and the world in general. You may be able to increase your income while simply going about your daily business, whether that includes grocery shopping or browsing online.

Use Cash Back Opportunities

Cash back isn’t just on your credit card anymore. Now, you can sign up with sites like Ebates.com, a site that gives you cash back without having to do anything extreme. Go through Ebates to shop at your favorite online stores, and you’ll get cash back for shopping. Combine this method with coupons and your cash back debit, credit card or even PayPal, and you’re basically getting paid to buy what you would anyhow. Don’t forget to look for online coupons, too!

Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers either get paid or reimbursed to shop… sometimes both. You’ll be asked to assess cleanliness, attitude and whether or not specific programs were offered. Sometimes it’s as simple as going through the drive-thru and letting companies know whether or not the food looked appealing. Remember all those times you really wanted to speak to a manager or did speak to a manager and nothing ever changed? Many adults today feel like customer service is a thing of the past. This is your chance to voice your opinion, and make money while you’re doing it.

Review Products

Companies pay a lot of money for honest reviews. Sometimes, they will even send you free products to review. While free products doesn’t equal cash in hand, they can reduce what you would spend. It’s even better if you can review products live and put your personality into it. Once advertisers start seeing what you have to offer, they will come to you instead of you going to them.

Share Your Browsing History

If you frequently shop online, you can get paid in points or cash to let companies track your browsing history. You might be worried about sharing your browsing history, but sites already scrape your data, so if they really want to know what you’re doing, it isn’t hard to find out. You may as well volunteer the information and let them pay you for it. Look to sites like Bing for rewards. You might also contact some of the companies you already deal with, like Verizon, who has a program to give you cash towards new devices if they can monitor your browsing habits.
Note: If you participate in programs like these and still sometimes want to keep your data private, you might consider setting up a proxy server with a separate device.

Combine Efforts

The best way to make the most of your shopping experience is to combine efforts. As one site tracks your browsing history, you can buy and review products through sites like Ebates, paying with a debit or credit card that offers cash back, combined with coupons that can get you serious discounts.